Better Red than Dead

The player characters have all enlisted in Starfleet Security. As red shirts, they’ll be going off on away missions. The object of the campaign is to have at least one PC survive ten away missions. If someone does, the whole group wins.

Players are encouraged to decide why they’ve enlisted. It should be noted that going through the academy takes five years, while enlisting in security requires a six-week boot camp. It is (eventually) permitted to request a transfer into one’s preferred discipline. This means that a player can easily justify creating a character who clearly is specialized in (for example) engineering rather than security, even though that character is in the security department rather than the engineering department.

Please note that this campaign is set in the first season of the original Star Trek series (2266). The characters may well be given assignments that will, if attempted blithely, kill them outright. Team work will be essential, and players are encouraged to confer about which skill sets the team ought to have.

Missions so far:

  1. Beam down to a planet and select a location for a spy device. Top priority: don’t let anyone know you’ve been there!
  2. Check out a derelict freighter and bring back the computer core so that the officers can figure out what happened to it.
  3. Beam down to a planet that apparently has Earth-style dinosaurs on it and attach some transponders to a Federation computer that’s down there so it can be beamed up and serviced.
  4. Prevent some klingons from discovering a Federation spy base beneath a resort on Wrigley’s Planet.
  5. Pilot a shuttlecraft through the Meltasion belt to deliver a package to some asteroid miners.
  6. Escort a Federation ambassador to a peace treaty.
  7. Retrieve an away team being held hostage.

Better Red Than Dead

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