Better Red Than Dead

Gorovsky's Personal Log, Stardate 2100.6

We have had great success! Yesterday PO Kendall took us on super secret spy mission to Purple Star Resort on Wrigley’s Planet. We were in disguise, which were almost blown by stupid security woman from resort. Fortunately we out-smarted her.

We were in line to get rooms when the klingons arrived. Naturally, I saw who was the prettiest one right away, and made sure she saw me. Soon we made date. My roommate made date with captain. More girls for Gorovsky!

Then we each went to resort rooms. My room had lots of snacks in the fridge. Then I went to gift shop and bought new shirt for my date.

PO Kendall made me do work. She said I had to go to expensive restaurant and wait there to see if klingons show up. I trick her though! I ate expensive meal while there and charged it to room! No klingons, though.

I was going to start getting spruced up for date when PO Preston ordered me to front desk. I thought he was no longer in charge? He was on comm to Potemkin, and before I said anything he had us beamed away, even though luggage was still in room!

Soon after that everyone else was back on ship. But it was for good reason! The klingons had left, and invited us to their ship for dates! We went over there, and most people sat around eating but me and Jom-Nekt went off to her cabin. This morning I was bruised and scratched, but it was good night!


Oops, I typed Preston when I should have typed Paulsen. Just assume that Gorovsky was still hung over when he dictated the log entry. ;)

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