Better Red Than Dead

Kendall's personal log stardate 2100


Well, that was a disaster. I should have told Krusky at the start that I’m not up for being in charge of a mission, let alone one that involves sneaking about and spying on people. I don’t get people at the best of times; they’re not straight-forward and easy to understand like machines. You can’t just open them up and take a look around to figure out what’s wrong. Plus, even if I could, I think Stevie would get mad at me if I tried that. So, instead of putting Sandy in charge – the only person who’s led our team on a successful mission – I had to pretend to be on vacation at the Purple Star, figure out how we could stop the Klingons finding the secret base and also stop Harviss from messing it all up and getting everyone killed. Krusky was right about her… she blew our cover right at the beginning; as if I would take a bribe! Though I think I fooled her enough that she doubted her conclusions by the end. I tried to be all sneaky by changing rooms and getting Beauchamp to crash the security system spying on us… but even though Sandy and Stevie did a great job at befriending the Klingons, the whole thing fell apart really quickly. We weren’t even half-way through dinner when Kroftag beamed away and next thing you know the place is about to blow. Krusky was a bit busy – enjoying leave at one of the other resorts – and Harviss was missing. Thankfully most of the team beamed away safely – good old Paulson – but unfortunately Stevie and I could do nothing to avert the explosion of the rigged fusion reactor … at least not with less than 30 seconds on the clock. We would have been blown to smithereens if it hadn’t been for my trusty communicator allowing the ship to beam us up. I don’t know how I could have forgotten I had him all along; maybe he snuck into my pocket for his own vacation? I thought I’d be court-marshaled for sure so when the Klingons invited us over to their ship I jumped at the chance. She was very beautiful. The hooch was pretty good too. I was sad to hear the next day that Krusky was gone – I hope he doesn’t get into too much trouble. Also, I heard a bunch of people died in the explosion. Stevie has been avoiding me. I think he blames me for all those people dying… Hopefully he’ll forgive me someday… I still can’t believe I’m not in the brig or scrubbing the hull with a toothbrush wearing a second-hand vacuum suit. Plus we have two more days of shore leave! I think I’ll go visit the cousins.


tbug Destruc_TOR

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