Better Red Than Dead

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2099ish

Well, I gotta say, it was worth callin’ in those favours. This resort’s a real sweet piece o’ work. That Krusky ain’t all that bad a fella after all; he may be gettin’ the creds, but I’m not complainin’. I don’t need no brouhaha, I jest like sittin’ here in the sun.

Word ta the wise; always tip yer bellboy high… specially on planets like these. They know where all the big boys play their games. Got meself inta a couple o’ them and money passed around like water. Didn’t do too badly, neither. Made a few on the side… mebbe I’ll pick up a bottle o’ something fer tha boss while I’m around.

Went out ta do a lil’ shoppin’ while I was here too… the market ain’t as dark as it all makes out.


“market ain’t as dark” – nice turn of phrase.

tbug uldeim

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