Better Red Than Dead

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2108ish

Ah’m still not real sure how we didn’t plant ourselves all over that rock garden, but I’m guessin’ ol’ Recruit shaped up a mite when the chips were down, so ta speak. We was dinged up jest once more the rest o’ the trip, though there were a few close saves by Guns.

I gotta say that this crew don’t feel right at home in subtlety, but I guess they did well ‘nuff, ’cuz we accomplished our mission the way we was requested to. Handed over that there CARE package o’ goodies… made me feel real… good… ta know I’d been riskin’ life ‘n’ limb for some sandwich.

Well, after donatin’ the ship and crew we “acquired”, we headed back out ta the Potty. Ah’ll need a month o’ Sundays to recover from this’un.


tbug uldeim

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