Better Red Than Dead

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2124ish

So we’s been on this ship with our ambassadorian type for a few days as now, an’ I kin sure as dirt say it’s no sippin’ beer and playin’ cards. Now, I like chattin’ much’s the next folk, so’s me an’ the guy get along better’n most, but walkin’ ‘round the ship’s like farmin’ raindrops in a thunderstorm. Everybody’s off ‘is salt, and I haven’t bin able to get a decent game together in days; spent more time screamin’ at each other than lookin’ at the pot. Had to fall back on playin’ ‘gainst the comp, and that jest ain’t no fun.

Finally beamed down today though, ‘n’ like usual, transit lady looked off her game. Muttered somethin’ bout ion interference or some such, and when we get down, o’course, we’re again in the middle o’ a firefight. Somethin’s a lil’ off though, cuz Krusky answered when Cap’n called in fer orders. I’d thunk he got retired somewhere… everyone else wuz freakin’ out ‘bout it, but ’s far as I know, he’d be a good one to know ‘bout now. Not sure the Bee’s ever bin shot at… might muss ’er hair.

But… I’m not cool with this killin’ surrendered enemies bit. And retributive strikes…? This… ain’t the starfleet I remember…


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