Better Red Than Dead

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2132ish

Well, life on this ol’ hunk o’ tin’s bin better, I kin tell yeh that. None o’ us kin git over losin’ the boys, ‘n’ our games’re quiet where they useta be fulla hollerin’.

Don’t stop us from workin’ none, though, although the Cap’n gave it a shot when he took his team down ta the new planet we wuz scoutin’. Them aliens took him an’ his whole team captive, and then demanded some anti-matter somethin’. Now ol’ Jack weren’t hearin’ none o’ it, ‘n’ fed ‘em the party line o’ not negotianinatin’ wit’ terrorists. That meant, o’ course, that we wuz sent down ta try ta get ’em out.

O’ all the damn troubles, the Cap’s crew had the beam handler in it, ‘n’ her second died in the scuffle, sos we git some drunk bint in charge o’ the beam room, ‘n’ after last time damned if I’m goin’ near the place. I come up wit’ a plan to avoid it like the plague, sos we take a shuttle and head down to the rock, hailin’ ‘n’ cussin’ up a storm.

Now, our pilot’s lost ‘is skills since the last time we brought ’im out, cuz he tries a few fancy flyin’s while we get nearer the ground and damn near breaks the ship in two. ‘parently, the other xenos done took over the mountain where Team 1 went AWOL, and gave us some ceremony o’ welcome at which our leadin’ lady gave insult by wavin’ off ‘n’ holdin’ ears durin’ what wuz supposed ta be their anthem. I took a few giggles at that.

Any which ways, we did some talkin’ with our new host types, not terrorists, eh, they’re the other folks. Anyhoo, while we wuz talkin’, we learned they wuz settin’ up nukes ta blow the bits off the gravel heap we wuz on, and that put hotsies under our feet, I’ll tell ya.

Nerdboy musta bin jonesin’ fer his toys, cuz he found a net hookup jest outside the base ‘n’ took a look see round the place with the cams. Looked like buddy aliens had a dude or two in the base already, but even fightin’ ’em he done found our boys inside.

Well, long story short, we struck a deal with aliens #2 ta give us an escort down in exchange fer meetin’ our boss with a good word. Troops went in, Cap’n came out, ‘n’ fer some reason, that’s all I ’member ’bout the run.


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