Better Red Than Dead

Stevie's log - Wrigley's planet

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2093

That went great. I talked Ivan into doubling with me – frankly all I had to mention was a pretty girl (and I think “pretty” may have been superfluous).

As I suspected, Vanessa tracked me down, unfortunately it was quicker than I thought. She had chased Harran away from the restaurant where we had made our reservation. (That letter she sent me was kinda crazy, I think she may need some help).

Ivan wasn’t cutting it as a distraction (that girl has a serious grip on her). Luckily Sandy and Kerry were at the bar, with a bunch of friends, and I called them over. I managed to extricate myself for a moment, fast-talked my way past Harran’s annoyance and had a pretty good night. Ivan made out pretty well too – he’d put the sign up on our room – muscles seem to make up for a lot. Gotta love the knucklehead.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2098

Payday! Thank goodness. Tips for the maitre’d, Starbase food and Gorovsky’s drinks had pretty much cleaned me out.

Wrigley’s Planet was supposed to be shore-leave. It is for everyone else, but for us it’s apparently a mission. Kerry’s in charge. The resort planet is in neutral space and absolutely does not have a secret base under one of the resorts. We have to make sure that the 3 Klingon cruisers that happen to be visiting don’t find that non-existent base.

Claude is on this mission with us. He’s so far up Krusty that you can only look him in the eye if Krusty says ‘aaaah’.

We have to stay under the radar, so the whole ship gets paid shore-leave at a bunch of different resorts. Ours is the Purple Star, the one without a sealed subbasement base under the power generators in the basement. So, we get 4 days in a resort and we just have to keep a few Klingons distracted.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2100.2

Mission ridiculous failure. Probably going to work as barrista on Earth for rest of my life. At least got to drink Bloodwine on Klingon ship. Something to tell kids. Got glass of Romulan Ale too. Bit cinnamony for my taste. Ate <gagging>…no, no <pronounced_gagging>…no, dammit. Stupid machine! G-A-G-H. Weird wiggly Klingon food.

Kroftag liked Hawaiian shirt. Was wearing it over armour. He beat us fair and square. That was a big boom. … … … … Oh Hell! Did everyone make it out?

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2101

So many people dead. If I hadn’t been such a coward I could have blown that forcefield if I was willing to blow myself up and Kerry could have rushed in and shut down the prevented the bigger explosion. I thought everyone would make it to transporters. Stupid! The life of one is completely outweighed by the life of so many.

I’m going to see if something needs to be cleaned. Something disgusting. Maybe the air scrubbers.


I like the difficulty in getting “gagh” transcribed. :D

Stevie's log - Wrigley's planet
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