Severo Aguilar


(50 points) {plus 1 point saved toward Pilot/11 (high-performance spacecraft)}

ST 10 {0}; DX 12 {40}; IQ 9 {-20}; HT 10 {0}.
Damage: 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 {0}; Will 9 {0}; Per 11 {10}; FP 10 {0}.
Basic Speed: 5.50 {0}; Basic Move 5 {0}; Dodge 8.
Race: Human; Height 5’5"; Weight: 98 lbs.; Age 27; Sex: Male; Languages: Spanish (native), English (accented) {4}.
Graduated: Starfleet security boot camp.

Ambidexterity {5}; Fit {5}; Military Rank E-4 “PO 3c” {0}; Social Regard +1 (Respected) {5}; Wealth (comfortable) {10}

Duty (Starfleet, almost all the time, extremely hazardous) {-20}, Overconfidence {-5}

Is armed whenever possible {-1}, Obsesses over which weapon is right for which mission {-1}, Uses guns for tasks for which they are questionably suited {-1}

Armoury/11 (Small Arms) 10 {4}; Beam Weapons/11 (Pistol) 14 {4}; Beam Weapons/11 (rifle) 12 {1}; Computer Operation/11 9 {1}; Crewman/11 (spacer) 9 {1}; Electronics Operation/11 (Communication) 9 {2}; Environment Suit (vacc suit)/11 8 {1}; First Aid/11 9 {1}; Free Fall 11 {1}; Pilot/11 (high-performance spacecraft) 11 {2}; Savoir-Faire (Military) 9 {1}.

Equipment: breen disruptor, klingon disruptor, Tandaran particle blaster, Telarian X-Ray laser, Xerox rainbow laser pistol (holdout, disguised as a penlight), 3 bottles of Aldebaran whiskey


PO 3c Aguilar is well-known for having promised a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey to anyone who can bring him a gun from an away mission, but only if doesn’t already possess a weapon manufactured by that race. His collection is extensive, and he often takes his leave to coincide with gun enthusiast conventions. He has been disciplined at least once for bearing an inappropriate weapon while on duty.

He is an occasional participant at Randolph’s nightly poker games.

He is in the alpha shift and is on call to supplement away mission personnel. As of the start of the campaign he has been a PO 3c for seventeen months. He bunks with Claude Beauchamps.

Severo Aguilar

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