Steven "Stevie" McAuley <Deceased>

A very bright, if easily distracted young recruit. Things just tend to go his way. Except for the one time that they didn't.


ST 10 HP 10
DX 10 WILL 10
IQ 12 PER 10
HT 10 FP 10

-Military Rank
-Social Regard

-Pacifism (Cannot harm innocents)

-Habit:Twirls magicians’ coin over knuckles

Weapons training
(The first two on the list and then the smallest version of each make)

Armoury/TL11 (Small Arms) – 11
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Pistol) – 12
Computer Operation/TL11 – 12
Electronics Operation/TL11 (Communications) – 12
First Aid/TL11 (Human) – 12
Free Fall – 10
Savoir-Faire (Military) – 12
Vacc Suit/TL11-11 (DX-1) – 11

Crewman – 12
Observation – 9
Body Sense – 9

Sleight of Hand – 9
Escape – 8
Survival – 9
Animal Handling – 10
Acrobatics – 8
Judo – 8

Speed Reading – 11
Biology/TL10 – 9
Psychology – 10
Mathematics – 10
Expert Skill (Xenology) – 10

Computer Hacking/TL11 – 9
Traps – 11
Piloting/TL11 – 12

Survival watch TL10
Grip boots
Vapor canteen
Sleep set
Amateur magician supplies


If there was a record for it, this guy would win most push-ups done during boot camp. He’s not insubordinate, just not always paying attention. Even so, it always seems to work out for him when it counts.

The events on Wrigley’s Planet have shaken Steven. He faced a choice of survival verses heroism and chose survival. He has a miasma of doubt that descends if he thinks about anything for too long.

Finding himself in a situation where risking himself might save someone else (or so he thought) he flashed-back to Wrigley’s. Steeling himself, he fought the urge to run and faced just one of the gunmen firing on his squadmate. His luck left him.

Steven "Stevie" McAuley <Deceased>

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