Yamaguchi Akira


(50 points, plus 5 points saved toward raising her strength)

ST 12 {20}; DX 11 {20}; IQ 9 {-10}; HT 12 {20}.
Damage: 1d-1/1d+1; BL 28 lbs.; HP 12 {0}; Will 9 {0}; Per 9 {0}; FP 12 {0}.
Basic Speed: 5.75 {0}; Basic Move 5 {0}; Dodge 8; Parry 9 (one-handed katana), 8 (two-handed katana), 8 (bare hand).
Race: Human; Height: 5’1"; Weight: 105 lb; Age: 28; Sex: Female; Languages: Japanese (native) {0}; English (as native) {6}.
Graduated: Starfleet security boot camp.

Fit {5}; Military Rank E-4 “PO 3c” {0} {0}; Social Regard +1 (Respected) {5}

Code of Honour (pirate’s) {-5}; Duty (Starfleet, almost all the time, extremely hazardous) {-20}; Wealth (Struggling) {-10}

Believes she’s extremely stealthy {-1}; Gets irritated with people who “honourably” alert enemies (eg with a challenge instead of just slicing them in half) {-1}; Has convinced herself that the katana that her grandfather gave her is a thousand years old {-1}; Prefers to fight using her katana instead of a phaser {-1}

Armoury/11 (Small Arms) 8 {1}; Beam Weapons/11 (Pistol) 13 {4}; Brawling 11 {1}; Broadsword 13 {8}; Computer Operation/11 9 {1}; Crewman (spacer)/11 9 {1} Electronics Operation/11 (Communication) 9 {2}; First Aid/11 9 {1}; Free Fall 10 {1}; Savoir-Faire (Military) 9 {1}; Stealth 11 {2}; Two-Handed Sword 10 {1}; Vacc Suit/11 8 {1}.

Equipment: fine katana


PO 3c Yamaguchi comes from a very long line of warriors. She carries a replica katana of the ancient style; it was acquired by her grandfather and given to her when she entered Starfleet. She has received permission to carry it as part of her uniform.

Yamaguchi feels that stealth is more important than shouting a challenge, and would rather face an opponent mere inches away rather than several yards away. She has “accidentally” lost several phasers within moments of beaming to an away mission.

She is in the alpha shift and is on call to supplement away mission personnel. As of the start of the campaign she has been a PO 3c for eleven months. She bunks with Yamaguchi Akira.

Yamaguchi Akira

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