Better Red Than Dead

Gorovsky's Personal Log, Stardate 2100.6

We have had great success! Yesterday PO Kendall took us on super secret spy mission to Purple Star Resort on Wrigley’s Planet. We were in disguise, which were almost blown by stupid security woman from resort. Fortunately we out-smarted her.

We were in line to get rooms when the klingons arrived. Naturally, I saw who was the prettiest one right away, and made sure she saw me. Soon we made date. My roommate made date with captain. More girls for Gorovsky!

Then we each went to resort rooms. My room had lots of snacks in the fridge. Then I went to gift shop and bought new shirt for my date.

PO Kendall made me do work. She said I had to go to expensive restaurant and wait there to see if klingons show up. I trick her though! I ate expensive meal while there and charged it to room! No klingons, though.

I was going to start getting spruced up for date when PO Preston ordered me to front desk. I thought he was no longer in charge? He was on comm to Potemkin, and before I said anything he had us beamed away, even though luggage was still in room!

Soon after that everyone else was back on ship. But it was for good reason! The klingons had left, and invited us to their ship for dates! We went over there, and most people sat around eating but me and Jom-Nekt went off to her cabin. This morning I was bruised and scratched, but it was good night!

Kendall's log
Dinosaur Safari

Well, ever since my new bestie and roommate Sandy took over command this has become the most fun posting in Starfleet. Paulson was okay, he seemed very professional and knew how to get the job done, but he seemed like he wasn’t having much fun. Preston definitely seemed to not be having any fun – I don’t know why, maybe he gets cranky when he’s hungry or weightless… I must admit though, he might have been better and really got into it after a while, but I missed it due to being almost blown up on the Menrak. But Sandy seemed to really be excited about being in charge and it felt like we were going a vacation rather than an away mission. It was lots of fun – and we now have the sweet dinosaur pictures (both disintegrated and whole) to always serve as a reminder – almost like a dinosaur safari. I was a little upset when I saw how those lizard people were treating Minolta PlanetScanner 3635MFP-z5. I mean, it’s good to show machines your respect and love and the fact that they were worshipping him was pretty good, but if you’re not going to take care of him then you just don’t deserve to have such an awesome machine in your possession. I don’t get people… doesn’t everyone know that machines need love and attention and regular maintenance and you can’t just put some mud and flowers on the top and hope that the machine God will take care of the rest? He helps those who look after their machines and justly deprives his spirit from those who don’t respect His creations. I’m glad that the techs at space port 6 will get Minolta PlanetScanner 3635MFP-z5 back in working order and I hope they follow my recommendation for placing him in a protective case. That way he can be properly worshipped but also kept in good condition, safe from the environment. I hope he’s not too traumatised by the whole experience and that we get him home safe soon.

Stevie's logs
PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2050

Just got the word that I’m being transferred to a ship called the Potemkin, maybe that was Potempkin … not sure, should probably check before they pick me up. Turns out that the guy that I stopped from stepping into that turbolift shaft was pretty well connected.

Big things just always seem to work out, even when they don’t seem so big at the time. Like that. I dropped Granpa’s lucky coin, knocked over some officer when I picked it up and saved him from splatting on some lower deck. Oh, gotta remember to check if that would happen or if the gravity’s wonky in a lift and maybe something weird would happen.

Where was I … big things just… Oh yes, I just really wish I didn’t have to pay for them with all the little things – I bet I’ve scrubbed more decks with a toothbrush than any other enlisted man ever.

Anyway, being on a ship will be great, a starbase is fine and all, but it doesn’t GO anywhere.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2052.9

Ha! That officer must have been even better connected than I thought, I’m going to be on the Alpha Shift of the ship. Away missions here I come!

This is great, the premiere shift of one of the biggest ships in the fleet has got to have one of the best commanders. It’ll be nice to be buddies with my CO. Every one I’ve had so far has really been very sour.

There’s apparently a few other people joining at the same time as me. This is going to be great!

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2056

Aw man, phasers really hurt! Krusky’s had us doing all sorts of exercises including shooting each other with phasers. That doesn’t even make sense. Carter was all gung ho and I think Randy was doing well. I don’t know, though – Emily started shooting me and that kinda distracted me. That was a whole bunch more extra duty.

I haven’t even spoken to my roommate yet. He is a big guy though – glad I have the top bunk. I’ve heard that he was in the Olympics. He doesn’t have anything all that interesting in his locker.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, so tired. First away mission coming up. Everyone seemed a little concerned, but it’ll be fine.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2058

Well, that worked out okay. We got into a bit of a firefight and got to see a town on a different planet. The rock-transmitter thing was placed and it didn’t really matter that Carter let the cat out of the bag :-) when he shot that tiger thing because the captain made friends with the natives.

Krusky seemed to think we’d failed the mission but he’s always so negative. Maybe I should see if Randy can get him some booze or something.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2068

We’ve had some combat exercises with some Andorians. Those guys are wimps if youland a hit on them, but they are damn good fighters.

Carter’s been getting to go and have dinner with his brother (the captain of one of the Federation ships here) but he won’t even bring us back a doggie bag. He is sooooo dour all the time. If we’re not careful he’s going to get all Kruskied.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2071

Haven’t been able to sneak a peek at any of the astronomical survey stuff that they have us guarding. Still haven’t had much free time with all this extra duty – I have cleaned every inch of this ship – twice!
On the up side, I do know it like the back of my hand now.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, Stardate 2071 supplemental

Away mission! Cool abandoned ship. Gotta gear up and go.

PO 3c McAuley’s personal log, supplemental

We’ve been on the ship for a while now. Zero G was fun for a while even though I bounced off a few walls. Gorovsky nearly went out into open space. I told them not to wave at him! The big guy waved with the one hand that was keeping him in the ship. <chuckle> Lucky that Sandy had brought her towel.

I had one of those episodes again. Carter’s suit was shredded by shrapnel from a booby-trap. We had patched it up, but we needed to get him to atmo to patch HIM up properly. That thing where I just stop thinking happened (Ha, good thing Randolph can’t read these) and I just went. We found an airlock and Kerry got it working by stripping the batteries from all her tools.

That woman is a little odd. At first it just seemed like a cute little quirk that she treated machines like they were alive, but I’m now convinced that she really believes it. I don’t know how she made it through the psych eval.

Anyway, Randy’s got us resting up before we check the rest of the ship. It was really strange. I was convinced that I had heard him losing his lunch after we transported, but he was fine. Weird.

So we’re on g… Emily! What the…!

PO 3c Preston, After Action Report, The Derelict Ship - Menrack, Stardate 2071.9

SD2071 – Derelict Ship Exploration

USS Potemkin NCC-1657

Alpha Away Team

Preston, Randolph PO 3c

This report begins approximately 3 hours after the Alpha Team boarded the derelict vessel Menrack, at which point the CO, PO 3c Paulsen, was disabled by an explosive booby-trap, and his vacc suit was heavily damaged.

Once thrust into command, I immediately directed the squad to begin looking for one of the pockets of atmosphere we had been told were detected in the earlier scan of the ship. We did this with cautious haste, trying to avoid a second casualty to similar traps.

Having found an airlock, PO 3c Kendall jury-rigged it to cycle using the spare batteries in her toolkits. Once atmosphere was available, PO 3c Rin used her medical training to stabilize Paulsen.

We then secured the area around the airlock, the evidence of booby-traps suggesting that this ship was not completely uninhabited. Once Paulsen recovered, he officially placed me in command of the expedition, citing his injuries as cause.

Proceeding with our investigations, we continued to explore the ship. Despite my orders to be cautious due to the earlier traps, PO 3c Rin began tinkering with electronic devices on the ship and triggered some sort of teleportation device. Almost immediately afterwards, I gave specific orders to PO 3c Kendall to check a door for traps, which she ignored. The door was trapped and opening it caused Kendall to be rendered unconscious and her vacc suit nearly destroyed. Fortunately, PO 3c McBride had some vacuum-proof tape, with which we managed to jury-rig the remains of Kendall’s suit.

We placed Kendall inside the airlock, and hid her such that one would need to know she was there. Although I was leery of not leaving a guard, the odds of encountering hostiles seemed too high to split the squad further, and it was impractical to move her too much as she was very heavily wounded.

We continued on to explore the ship, and I was able, upon further inspection, to determine several of the methods used by the inhabitants while laying their traps, allowing me to detect them and prevent further damage to our squad.

We eventually arrived at a room adjacent to the bridge, where access to the bridge was blocked by two heavy blast doors. As we had just triggered an explosive trap not 5 yards away from the doors, I was reasonably confident that any traps would have been triggered by the earlier force, so I had PO 3c Paulsen attempt to blow a hole in the starboard door.

This attempt triggered a rain of caustic material from the ceiling, having little effect on Starfleet vacc suits, but destroying the duct tape holding Paulsen’s suit together. We were able to use the last of the duct tape to prevent his death.

I then decided we should try to access the bridge externally, thinking it unlikely that the ship’s exterior would have been trapped. We moved through the ship looking for an exit to space, as by this time PO 3c Gorovsky had broken the airlock we had temporarily repaired.

On our way to the shuttle bay, we heard noises aftward and moved to investigate. Arriving at engineering, I drew possible fire while the others in the squad searched for hostiles. Several shots were fired and just grazed me, while the rest of the squad returned fire, killing the hostile. It was determined that the hostile had been loading a shuttle with the goods in the larger ship’s cargo hold, and further exploration of these goods determined that there were significant quantities of explosives aboard the ship. Also in the ship was a quantity of valuables, which I claimed as plunder, and PO 3c Rin, whose vacc suit and weapons were nowhere to be found.

Although my squad was unaware of the particular nature of Kemocite, I felt it would be foolhardy to leave this much explosive materiel in the hands of enemies, particularly as it could potentially be used against the Potemkin. And as at this point our squad had nearly 50% casualties, I determined it would be better to guard this shuttle with my remaining manpower rather than splitting the squad and continuing the exploration.

This belief was borne out as later two more hostiles were discovered in the environs of the derelict.

PO 3c Paulsen, After Action Report, The Derelict Ship - Menrack, Stardate 2071.9

This report concerns the mission carried out on the derelict ship later found to be named The Menrack.

The USS Potemkin received an automated distress from an unknown freighter while performing routine astronomical survey updates in Cantor Minoris. Alpha Shift was assigned to board the the freighter to assess potential threats and to retrieve its computer core for analysis.

I ordered Alpha Shift to beam into the derelict ship’s empty and open shuttle bay and instructed PO 3C McBride to maintain radio contact with the USS Potemkin. Upon beam in, we immediately secured the shuttle bay and began to close the bay’s door. This proved to be impractical as the door was un-powered I estimated that it would take roughly a half and hour to close. We then proceed toward the unknown energy signature which was detected during the Potemkin’s initial scans. The ship’s systems had sealed all pressure doors assumable during the evacuation, so these were blown using manual overrides as they were encountered.

Roughly twenty minutes into the mission I received a communication from the Potemkin stated that they were investigating the escape pods and would be leaving us on the Menrack for several hours (several days relativistic to our time). Additional supplies and personal (PO 3C Gorovsky) were beamed aboard. We rendezvoused with the PO 3C Gorovsky and continued on to the power source. After blowing the door to what we believed to be the engineering room, we analyzed the contents of the debris within. Having found that it was non-hazardous, I entered the room and inadvertently detonated a pneumatic-based anti-personal mine (with a dispersal pattern similar to a M18 Claymore). I was rendered momentarily unconscious and my vacc suit was compromised which resulted in significant air loss and extensive pitting to the visor. When I regained consciousness, PO 3C Rin had administered first aid on me, and PO 3C Kendl had restored an air lock to temporary functionality. This airlock featured a basic computer access terminal which provided us with the name and registration of the ship, The Menrack.

With my health and equipment compromised, I had no choice but to pass command of the mission on the to next member in the chain of command, PO 3C Presten. The remainder of this report should be considered as secondary to the after action report of PO 3C Presten.

PO 3C was beamed away by a non-starfleet transport while attempting to access a computer terminal. It was later discovered that she had been kidnapped by the previous captain of the Menrack who was aboard the vessel’s shuttle at the time. PO 3C Presten then ordered us to explore the Menrack in search of PO 3C Rim. While entering the cargo bay, PO 3C Kendl was struck by another anti-personal mine and was rendered unconscious for the remainder of the mission. We secured PO 3C Kendl in the airlock and searched the cargo bay which contained several boxes, a refrigeration unit, and a large container with “Danger Explosives: Do Not Touch”. We left all these containers and moved to what we believed to be the bridge.

Once in the bridge antechamber, we found two high-security doors and two standard pressure doors. We fired on one of the pressure doors to trigger the anti-personal device (an acidic liquid of some kind) on that door. The access area behind that door was of no use, so we fired on the high-security door. This triggered liquid nozzles in the ceiling which sprayed a white acid into the room which instantly dissolved the repairs previously made to my vacc suit. We returned to the air lock to exact repairs but the batteries did not have enough power to cycle.

We fortified that area until we had finished the repairs on my suit and get our bearings. While creating a new action plan, PO 3c McKally was transported away by what appeared to be a Starfleet transporter beam. While attempting to determine why and how PO 3c McKally was removed from the ship, we encountered a member of the Menrak who identified herself as Telnir. She claimed to have been unconscious in the medical bay since before the ship was evacuated and had only just recently woken up to the abandoned ship. While interrogating the crewman, we heard several bangs through the hull which was discovered to be a shuttle docking with the ship at the nearby cargo bay.

We moved to investigate the cargo bay by flanking through the engine room. Upon arrival in the engine room, we discovered that at some point during our away mission, an explosion occurred which destroyed a section of the hull and vented the particulate which previously occupied this room. When PO 3c Presten looked into the cargo bay, he was fired upon by a person in a Klingon issue vacc suit. We returned fire which resulted in hostile’s death. Crewman Telnir was able to identify the hostile as the captain of the Menrak. He had moved several cargo crates including the explosives container into his shuttle.

We proceeded onto the shuttle and found PO 3c Rin in a sound suppression cell aboard the shuttle. She claimed to have been abducted by this captain had held against her will for several hours. We then examined the explosives container to see how best to handle its contents. Crewman Telnir was able to read the identification markers inside the containers as Kemocite. The squad was not familiar with this explosive, so we resealed the container and moved to the airlock to retrieve PO 3c Kendl. We moved her to one of the beds in the shuttle’s quarters and held that position until the Potemkin returned.

I was hailed by the Potemkin on Stardate 2074. Upon providing my initial report, we were instructed that the Potemkin would be holding position and that a shuttle would be sent to extract us. Additionally, we were instructed to move to an extraction point as far from the Kemocite as possible. We moved the fore of the ship and awaited extraction. I was temporarily beamed aboard the extraction shuttle to aquire two transport locators to replace PO 3c Rin’s and to allow crewman Telnir to be extracted and questioned.

We were unable to recover the computer core of the Menrak due to squad casualties caused by excessive and unpredicted anti-personal countermeasures.

The Alpha Shift was unprepared for boarding hostile ships with extensive automated defence systems. I request additional training for Alpha Shift in the identification and circumvention of such systems.

Assigned equipment:
• 6 x Type II phaser pistol
• 1 x Xerox rainbow rifle
• 1 x Tricorder
Additional equipment:
• 1 x Small arms repair tool
• 1 x Sensor repair tool
• 1 x Medical scanner
• 5 x Gecko glue
• 1 x Personal firearm of PO 3c Presten

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2072ish

So here’s we are, traipsin’ about ‘n a trapped to hell scrap heap. No air, no atmo, no grav. Bein’ the proud ‘n’ courageous types, we bin pokin’ our noses inta everything we kin find, and so far it’s bit us in the arse.

First, the damn Techhead gits herself blowed up by another trap, jest as I’m warnin’ her to check. She bein’ the only one o’ our group that kin actually find the durn things afore they go off, we’re ridin’ blindfold here. Well, we poked around a mite, found at least one other trap in some crates, and some crazy black pyramid with warnin’s all over it. Princess Charmin’ is all fer touchin’ it; I think she’s not quite right in the head. Doesn’t seem ta have anythin’ ta do wit’ our mission, so why beg for trouble?

We found some serious defense up by the bridge… looks like our luck’s holdin’ fer now, since one o’ the traps got found before blowin’ any more holes in our skulls, but then we try ta break through, and o’ course, the only thing that’s still workin’ in this frackin’ heap is the defense fer this one area. Damn near killed us all.

We took back ta tryin’ to recover a tad, but Gori blew the last o’ our airlock charges ta munch down on some alien jerky. Woulda served the ijit right if he were sick, but thank Space he ain’t. We don’t need no more problems.

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2071ish

“Hey look”, says I, “An unknown ship lyin’ in the middle o’ an asteroid field shoutin’ a distress call. What could possibly go wrong?”

Well, I could get myself sent out there fer one. But o’ course, that’s not all. We (me ‘n’ the boys) take ourselves o’er to that there scrap heap; some nonsense o’ lookin’ fer a chip or somethin’ (be right crazy ta bring someone who knows what one o’ the damn things even LOOKS like, why would we do that?) an’ no sooner do we git beamed but our own bloody ship warps off to Neverland chasin’ somethin’ else.

None o’ the muckety-mucks on the Potty took the time to calc how long they’ll be gone, so they sent Gori over wit’ some packs. I’m not thinkin’ they’ll last, but the rookies are all faithin’ on me. Sure hope they come back soon though, ‘cuz Tighties got hisself blown up by some trap. We’re walkin’ blind in some metal junk bashin’ rocks, and they were layin’ fer us. Bloody hell.

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2063ish

Coupla days outta that last mess we all got in an’ now we get to get in a shootin’ match with bloody alien grunts. Leastaways we’re all usin’ Stuns with our fancy heaters, but the damn things still sting like a hornet with a hammer. Couple o’ the kids screwed the pooch and shot each other once, so the both of ‘em we’re unconscious-like when Krusky went to hell on us for takin’ it too easy. Seems he felt the two must’ve been doin’ somethin’ ta be KO’d like that so they avoided the lecture. And the target practice afterwards.

Kerry-Leigh’s personal log, supplemental

Being part of Starfleet is so exciting! Today I got to meet a brand-new space ship,
Menrak. She’s in pretty bad shape, what with all her crew disappeared / hiding who knows where, no atmosphere in most of her, booby traps and an exploded engine room, vaporized engineers and possibly green monsters (if you believe Garovsky) lying in wait for tasty petty officers. I really want to go into the engine room and get to know her a bit better, but after Paulsen’s accident it seems unlikely. When he’s feeling better he might still let me take a look. It was very cool how my new bestie and roommate Sandy had vacuum-proof duct tape and how Stevie found that airlock. Trusty Small Armoury Mini-Repair Toolkit came through for me again and he was kind enough to share his batteries so I could coax the airlock into working. I am glad that she wasn’t as temperamental as I’ve heard her alien crew can be. I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing now; hopefully we’ll be able to go into the engine room or explore the rest of Menrak. We’re supposed to find the computer and I’m very intrigued to see what kind of computer it’ll be. The day and a bit Potemkin will be away should give us plenty of time to take a gander – and I think Paulsen is patched up enough to take the lead once again. I can’t wait to poke around some more…


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