Better Red Than Dead

Gorovsky's Personal Log, Supplemental

PO Krusky gave me important mission. He explain that there is big space ship with only stupid Starfleet people on it, and I must go and watch over them. He wanted to watch over them, but Potemkin was moving away very fast and so he could not. So he ordered me to do it, because I am big and strong.

First, I took them food. They went to strange place where they will be staying for a week, and they were not taking food with them. This must be why PO Krusky said they were stupid. Also, they broke gravity. Also air.

We went to place to fix gravity and air. PO Paulsen is leader, but he walked into door and felt sad so nobody fixed gravity and air. PO Rin took him into airlock so she could take off his space suit and make him feel good. Maybe she made for him chicken soup.

PO Preston found some bits of metal, so he threw them at elevator doors. They were not falling to floor. I do not tell him that this is because gravity is broke. He must learn for himself.

There are girls on this mission.

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2056ish

Well, that was a damn cockup, that was. Cap’n tells us on the pads that we’re takin’ a different mission, then the damn beam drops us in the middle o’ two dozen natives. Bang off start to a covert op. For once I was glad ol’ Grumpy had us combat ready on the drop, but it didn’t help much. So there we are, glarin’ red in the middle of a frackin’ steampunk nightmare with a goddam balloon of all things. Some stupid luck or fraggin’ genius made one or another of the team to blow the damn thing to hell, which bought me enough time to start thinkin’ quick and talkin’ quicker. Ain’t much you can do when you’re wearing red uniforms and holdin’ guns that make their arms look like tinkertoys, but I bought us a doubt or two. Coulda been more, but the others “helped” a mite. Fussy’s a tad sore about bein’ the boss, so I made sure they knew he was our main man. Mistake.

We get dragged off to their base (and it’s a damn good thing I picked up that fraggin’ rock when everyone was busy), and Soldier-boy points at me and sez I’m the leader. Well, that fracked our story from here to next week it did, so I spent my time patchin’ up all the goofs everyone else had been tellin’. We’d gotten to be almost taken serious-like by them natives as scroungers, so our cover was good… the team dropped off the wee gizmo, and we was set to go. Thing is, ‘round midnight planetside, some hoohah of a blast goes off and wakes everyone in the next three orbits. Bein’ conscientious types, we took off lookin’ to help with what was goin’ on, and were ourselves shocked by a ginormous hellcat rippin’ the shreds off the villagers. I figgered we coulda jest booked it in the chaos, but some o’ the gang were worried ‘bout them civvies. Now, I know it’s the duty of a marine ta follow orders, so I was a wee pissed when Trigger Happy blasts the damn cat ta Kingdom Come, showin’ everyone that there were no way in the Nine Hells we were from their rock. Thinkin’ back, I kin understand how he was thinkin’, I’d feel a mite dirty had we jest left ‘em. I’ll leave it to the higher’s ta make them sorta judgements.

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2054ish

Damn me if Krusky ain’t a… tough officer. Guy had us shootin’ each other as a way o’ shakin’ hands with our new teamies. Techie gal just had to open her big yap and screw me outta some booze, but at leas’ it made it less painful to throw the match. Poor Fusspot gets grumpy when he don’t win them gunfights. That gardener’s a dab hand with a phaser though. Mebbe I can get her to spot me sometimes…

Randy's Personal Log, Stardate 2053ish

Well, my new crew ain’t as pretty as I’d hoped they’d be, and I’m not all sure as they’ll polish up. Jess’n meetin’ ‘em, they struck me as a right dour lot, save ol’ Recruit, who’ll no doubt meet a phaser blast up close some day too soon.

So we gots us a religious type (pretty enough, but don’t speak much ‘less it be about them damn Klingons), a gardener (who ain’t they lettin’ on capital ships these days?), a nice techie gal (who prob’ly ain’t smelled nuttin’ but grease since she hit puberty), some new kid who’s still got his shine, and ol’ Fusspot hisself.

Well, I tried to make nice. Damned if any o’ them could actually hold up their end of a conversation though. Did get a game with Recruit goin’, but he’s new enough that it waren’t much o’ a challenge. As is only right ‘n’ proper, they all seemed pretty by the book sort o’ fellas. Sure am glad they’re honest types, at least.

PO 3c Paulsen, After Action Report, Alpha Myra II, Stardate 2056.6

This report concerns the mission carried out on the planet Alpha Myra II, Stardate 2056.6 by Alpha Shift aboard the USS Potenkin. It should be noted that this report was originally intended to describe the mission carried out in “Landing City”. Alpha Shift was reassigned to perform the mission carried out in “Free Town” so this report has will cover that mission.

While assigning equipment and making final preparation for beam down, Cpt. Callas addressed the Alpha Shift and assigned us with the previously mentioned alternate mission. I approved additional equipment, as listed at the end of this report, to suit the new mission parameters and the squad specialist’s requirements. We then proceeded to beam down to the planet. The immediate beam-in zone was located on a rocky shelf with sheer cliffs on two sides and a path between them. We arrived at dusk planet-side in heavy rain which provided limited visibility. This area contained roughly 15 combatants, somewhat trained militia with bolt-action projectile rifles, all engaged with a blimp from which a second group of combatants was parachuting. A minor skirmish occurred when the militia assumed that we were part of the second group. This skirmish resulted in the blimp being struck and exploding. This event allowed us to negotiate a cease-fire with the militia but, due to their superior number, we were stripped of our weapons. We then negotiated secure passage to “Free Town”.

We spoke with the leader of “Free Town “ and secured lodgings on the outskirts of town in addition to safe passage out of the town the following morning. PO3c Presten deployed the camouflaged transporter beacon in a secure location beside this building. I ordered the majority of the squad to stand down and wait for morning. During the evening a large explosion occurred somewhere in the city centre. This explosion attracted a local predator which attacked the local population. I instructed PO3c Rin to scan for our weapons and we proceeded in that direction. We retrieved our weapons and aided in the defence of this city. Once the predator was killed, we beamed back to the USS Potenkin.

Recommendation: The Alpha Shift is not yet functioning as an effective squad. I request additional training in mixed unit tactics when available.

Assigned equipment:
• 6 x Type II phaser pistol
• 1 x Xerox rainbow rifle
• 1 x Camouflaged transporter beacon
• 1 x Tricorder
Additional equipment:
• 1 x Small arms repair tool
• 1 x Gecko glue
• 1 x Towel

PO 3c Paulsen's personal log, Stardate 2052.8

After only a few months aboard the Potemkin, I have been transferred to the Alpha shift! PO 1c Kursky has been assigned to command the shift and hopefully provide shipboard logistical support. His record speaks to his combat experience and I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot under his command.

I’ll have buy a round for the Graver’s after tonight’s shift. Hopefully docking prep won’t run too late.

PO 1c Krusky's personal log, Stardate 2052.7

Well, it’s official. The alpha shift duty away team is being completely replaced from scratch. It will technically be under my command, but from here on I’ll be stuck shipboard while a bunch of rookies get to do all the fun stuff while I get blamed for every way they screw up.

It sounds like some of them are transferring from graveyard shift and others are joining us at Starbase 3 tomorrow. I have asked Lieutenant Petrovich to give me a month to mold them into a functional team before holding me responsible for their actions, but he hasn’t responded to my request yet. This bodes ill.

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